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Upscale department store. It is not Nordstroms or Nordstrom's but Nordstrom. No there are no coupons this weekend. There are only 3 major sales a year.
I'm going to Nordstrom to go shopping.
od uživatele Brooke Love 10. Leden 2008
188 15
A very upscale department store carrying brands such as True Religion, Citizens of Humanity, and Juicy Couture.
Nordstroms can be found in most malls which have a Guess, Armani Exchange, or Abercrombie.
od uživatele onaebla 26. Červen 2006
73 32
a store where they sell clothing, shoes, makeup and acessories, often a very nice place to shop
I went to buy a new pair of shoes at Nordstrom's because tonight was the prom
od uživatele Jane 01. Leden 2004
50 16