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A combination of the internet slang term "Newbie", meaning new person, and the word "Bitch", meaning female dog or annoying PMSing girl or prostitute. Often used to offend people on the internet.
Dude!!! You're only level 10!!! Newbietch!!!
od uživatele Alexander Poniz 25. Listopad 2004
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Combination of newbie with bitch/es, used for singers/actors who suck, no matter the sex (male/female) . People who dont sing or act as they belive.
"Oldies are better than newbie-tches."
"I rather die than listen to that newbie-tche bieber"
"Danger ! Sound polution inevitable, newbie-tches incoming"
od uživatele sevrajreloaded 05. Červenec 2013
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