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1. Various kinds of music containing lots of bass. Of listened by fjortis:ar and members of the Hellmoppers. When listening to negerdunk beware of the clothing...
what the fuck??!?!? NEGERDUNK! I hate it!
od uživatele Gnarp Äta skylt 08. Srpen 2003

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The word swedish "bonnar" use to describe hiphop and all kinds of black music, which all bonnar hate, they only listen to vikingarock and racistmusic.
Very condescending because if you translate it it will be something like "niggerthrob".
Reffering to the strong bass often used in hiphop, bonnar can only listen to electric guitar and Jew's harp.
Sven: Oh no, its negerdunk! :(
Abdul: Ey fuck you svenne!
Sven: Get out of my fine arian country blatte!
Abdul: What the fuck?!
*Abdul kicks Svens ass*
od uživatele Antwart Schweimer 20. Prosinec 2005