Those music CD's you see on t.v. It's up to NOW 60. Look it up on Google its true.
*Announcer*:get your "NOW Thats what I call music" with a payment of only $19.99!
od uživatele now thats what i call music 11. květen 2005
Top Definition
The Nazi Organization of Women.
NOW's official slogan is "HEIL CLITLER!!!"
#idiots #bigots #feminazi #hatred #morons
od uživatele CT Vigilante 04. červenec 2006
the magic word; used when someone doesn't understand that something should be done at the current time and not later.
amanda: can i have a pass?
retarded librarian: what is the magic word?
od uživatele i am soo effing cool 20. únor 2005
A never ending series of crappy music. I think we're up to Now 57...I'm serious do a google search for Now 57 cd.
Now 57?! When will the fucking madness end?!
od uživatele TekNo 02. květen 2004
A national organization for bull dykes, diesel dykes, and radical feminists.
Don't open that door for me, you vile pig! I belong to NOW!
od uživatele Tuna Wanda 21. květen 2005
The Nazi Organization of Women.
NOW's official slogan is "HEIL CLITLER!!!"
#synonyms: assholes #sexists #bigots #morons #dipshits #clitler
od uživatele CT Vigilante 26. květen 2006
the beginning of the rest of your life
start doing now what you wanted to do the rest of your life
#beginning #rest #life #five #tags
od uživatele ida c. 10. únor 2007
An awesome comeback to "No u" pronounced "No double-u"
<sally> Hey Bob, Go die in a fire!
<bob> no u!
<sally> no w!
#no u #no you #no #you #no yew
od uživatele hallll 26. červen 2008
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