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Native Americans With Attitude, A native american that has an attitude toward others.
Also known as a group of natives that stick close together
Boy: Damn that indian just told me to fuck myself!

Friend: Wow he must be part of th N.A.W.A.
od uživatele A-Hank lips 22. Říjen 2009

Slova související s N.A.W.A

chae haw indian native boy nawa or native wit atitude
Sexiest man alive. Everyone totally wants him. COOL.
A: I wish i was cool.
B: everyone wishes they were Nawa

A: I totally want someone
B: we know you want Nawa, Alan.
od uživatele Nawa's secret sex 20. Duben 2005
A name used by Tramps used For tramps Dickheads.....
Dude Stop being a Nawas for fucks sake
od uživatele nooo4324252525235 20. Leden 2009