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1. (noun) A motorised zimmer frame, built from aluminum and plastic.

2. (verb) To fatally wound what was previously healthy and thriving.

Nobody can understand why the carmaker N16ed its flagship model...
od uživatele ssssss 27. Červen 2006

Slova související s N-16

1337 leet n16 nig nigga niggar nigs
1337 speak for Nig.
We have a code N-16, stay out of the halls, I repeat we have a code N-16!
od uživatele 1337Speaka 23. Leden 2008
Notorious gang located in southern orange county. Primarily located in Aliso Viejo. Members are mainly white suburban males who fight with mass heads. There signature move is to kick the victim when they are helpless on the ground.
"Bro don't mess with the N16's or your gonna get jumped."
od uživatele Burchill the Don 13. Červenec 2009