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Having a wank with a friend or group of friends.
Just off for a mutual with Ben.
od uživatele Rich Irvine 01. Květen 2008
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feeling the same way
me and my girlfriend mutually love each other
od uživatele josh 22. Únor 2005
When a man and a woman simultaneously achieve orgasm together during intercourse or 69.
Coco: You ever hold it in during sex if you know she is about to cum?
Jon: Oh all the time, its the greatest feeling.
Coco: True, fuckin mutuals.
od uživatele Circumsized Hen 20. Listopad 2009
When people agree on something
Person #1: Yea, that new Sublime song is pretty good
Perosn #2: Yea, that's mutual
od uživatele The Other Kunal 22. Březen 2006
When two people love each other the same...and they don't cheat on each other.
Muffet and Kendricks love is mutual, they love each other the same and they do not cheat on each other. That is some REAL LOVE.
od uživatele Ciiiana 07. Leden 2006
Where no feelings are involed in the act of making out (kissing passionitely) between two people.
Austin found a mutual to make out with
od uživatele chazzels22 08. Červenec 2011
A 2-sided war in the wargame NukeZone
hey, man. Login asap, we have a mutual.
od uživatele [PNG]Sergeant 25. Leden 2009

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