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A nose that,when the person owning it is stimulated sexually, bleeds non stop, causing embarrasment on the highest level.

Several famous Munt-Nosed people include
Elton John
Paul Crevice
Darth Vader
"Im really sorry, it doesnt usually do that, I must be a munt-nose, like my father before me!"

" Just shut up and help me get the blood of my bra would you?!"
od uživatele Astroboom 04. Srpen 2007

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A nose that bleeds severely during intercourse, usually causing the women/man to retract and flee.
Joe: OMFG! did you know that matthew west is a munt-nose?

Elliot : No way! That must be why he bled last night!
od uživatele Joseph Edwards 21. Červenec 2007