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Short for mixed-race person, can be used as an insult or a compliment
hey jim, my old mixie brother!
od uživatele themixman?? 05. Srpen 2009
99 51
n. A short, hopefully ironic, way of referring to a mixed drink; a mixed drink being a drink comprised of hard alcohol and some other non-alcoholic beverage.
P1: "Hey, I just bought vodka, gin, and rum, and got coke, orange juice, and cranberry for mixies."
P2: "Did you just say mixies?"
od uživatele zdp 12. Prosinec 2013
2 7
When someone is getting told one thing about someone and then they go and tell that person what the other person said.
That person is mixing up lies; shes mixie
od uživatele AreYahDumb 13. Prosinec 2013
9 18
A rude immature pregnant lady who thinks the world revolves around them and their family
mixie-Stink go to class you are stinking up my office!!
stink-Suck it Jay and stop being a mixie!!
od uživatele tony-no-nose 08. Leden 2008
35 69
when someone acts undecided ; when someone is acting weird or diffrent.
thats my word you been acting type mixie lately.
od uživatele iBrooklyns 15. Červen 2009
43 79