The greatest drummer who ever lived whom other drummers try to emulate but could never duplicate.

Portnoy is considered a God among drummers world wide. And who could blame us. Hes FRECKIN AMAZING
Mike Portnoy is a god
od uživatele Art 13. červen 2004
Top Definition
One of the greatest drummers to exist on this planet, known for his work in Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Transatlantic, to name only a few. Most of today's rock drummers could take a hint or two or actually a thousand from Mike about playing drums.
Go to and check out his monster drumkits.
od uživatele i love my mom 01. červenec 2003
Drummer and back-up vocalist for the progressive rock group, Dream Theater, Mike Portnoy was born on April 20, 1967, and raised in Long Beach, New York. He became interested in music at a very young age; Portnoy said it himself, "It was inevitable that I'd become a musician.", and so he taught himself with only the help of music theory classes in high school. Around this time he bagan playing in local bands such as Intruder, Rising Power and Inner Sanctum, which actually released an album! But soon after recieving a scholarship for music, he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where then he met the friends whom he would form a bond with that would lead to the arrangement of the progressive metal group known as Dream Theater (UK: Dream Theatre).

Portnoy is well known for his speed and endurance, winning many awards, including the Modern Drummers Award, which he said himself was his dream come true, and that he is living his dream. In many ways, he is better than the well-known Neil Peart of Rush. While Neil Peart is an amazing drummer, he is more the influence in this case, because Mike Portnoy by far surpasses the skills that Neil Peart has ever brought forth. Portnoy is also (or has also been) the drummer in other bands quite similar to that of Dream Theater, such as Liquid Tension Experiment, TransAtlantic, O.S.I. (Office of Strategic Influence), and few more, including a Rush tribute performance. He has not only played along side his fellow Dream Theater members John Petrucci, John Myung, James LaBrie, and Jordan Rudess, (with past member's who've come and gone), but as well as many other musicians in his past, such as Maggie Estep, Kevin Shirley, Doug Oberkircher, and Jay Beckenstein.

"Wow...I really love Mike Portnoy's style of drumming. I mean, not only are his chops most excellent, but look at that bass drum technique! It's like, how could anyone synchronize that many licks with their feet, while still keeping good rhythms going using both wrists? I don't know how he does it, but only one word can fit the description of talent that he holds: Godlike."
od uživatele PJ Schweitzer 09. červen 2006
Simply put, GOD. Known worldwide amongst drummers for his amazing double-bass grooves and his dynamic style, Mike Portnoy has played for Dream Theater since its beginning. He has also performed with TransAtlantic, OSI, Liquid Tension Experiment, Hammer of the Gods, and others. He's also a great lyricist, and an amazing person.
Mike Portnoy is amazing!
od uživatele Jon De Vogel 01. prosinec 2003
Greatest. Drummer. Ever. For Dream Theater.

Many people say that Neil Peart of Rush is a better drummer than he is. Fact is, he isn't. You see, Peart is more influetial on his off-beat drumming skillz, but Portnoy has more skillz period. So Portnoy would be the better drummer, Peart would be the better influence.
This is like Jimi Hendrix - Yngwie Malmsteen. Doing a battle.

Jimi Hendrix's skillz, although very great, were not quite as good as Yngwie's. He was, however, a great influence to pretty much every other guitarist in the world.

Yngwie Malmsteen, may be one of the most talented guitarists ever to walk this earth. However, he took all his skillz from the greats before him, and expanded on their ideas.
od uživatele deldelda 29. červenec 2004
Mike Portnoy is an overrated drummer who is idolized mainly by amateur drummers or mindless fans who are into insipid music.
The problem with Mike Portnoy is that he never escapes his comfort zone to expand his playing style, he does simplistic fills and drum solos and is a god in the eyes of his tasteless fans. Mike Portnoy also sounds the same in everything he does; listening to him play becomes tedious, watching him play is boring; he has no style, he hardly has any dynamics what so ever and he looks like a fuckwit.

Mike's drum kit is unpractical as it is literally two(2) drum kits which means that he will physically have to get up and walk over to the other half of his drum kit to play some songs. I mostly think that people are having trouble trying to understand the difference between having a big drum kit and having skill; thus, he is the best drummer because he has a huge drum kit! -Fan logic.

When expressing your opinion on Mike Portnoy you will suddenly become bombarded by his dumb fans who have the reasoning skills of children: they will ask you to upload a video of your playing skills (for some reason) and they will endlessly reprimand you for having an opinion.
Person 1: "I've decided to do a Mike Portnoy."
Person 2:"What does that mean?"
Person 1:"Well, I'm not going to shave or make it look like I have had a shower for months and start doing simplistic distasteful things on my drum kit."

Person 1: "How do I become an amazing drummer even though I'm not really progressing or challenging myself?"
Person 2: "Just buy a 22 piece drum kit and you'll be the best drummer ever!"
od uživatele Delirium92 01. červen 2013
The single Greatest drummer that ever lived, or will live! he is the drummer for Dream Theater, maybe the greatest progressive Metal band aroud! Neil Peart has nothing going on compared to Mike Portnoy.
Mike Portnoy would kick Neil Pearts ass in a drumming compitition!
od uživatele Ben Hobson 23. leden 2005
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