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Aussie slang for spiked, to have one's drink drugged.
I am far to chirpy this morning, has somebody micked my coffee?
od uživatele Melbell 30. Leden 2006
14 2
Not being invited to any event in which the vast majority of your friends have been included.

Also known as a mickster or getting mick.
"I got micked at the ballgame last night-why do people feel I am a nerd".- Dan Ferry

Alternative definition:

"Only nerds get a mick"
od uživatele Frank Reilly 11. Prosinec 2003
8 2
To be bashed up,to have sexual relations, or to be in trouble.
Sinead Colee was micked up by Rachel Logan or
You're Micked.
od uživatele freyaspierre 01. Prosinec 2008
3 1
(1) when you are not invited to a wedding to which a significant number of your friends are invited.
"Dude, I think he got "Micked" fro Sweeney's wedding."
od uživatele Cal Ripken 10. Prosinec 2003
2 4