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She is the hottest girl around and will always be there for you. She is amazing, gorgeous, funny, sweet, everything a guy could want in a girl. No other girl could ever compete with her, and she will always be someone's number one. She always makes your head turn as she passes you buy in the hall. She is like a magnet for your eyes. she is like a rainbow on a cloudy day, or a sun rise after a dark night. When she walks in a dark room she lights up the entire room just with her smile. when you see her you can not help but wish you had her in your arms. She has the most beautiful eyes you wish you could just sit and stare into them for hours on end. She has a beautiful body and anyone who doesn't have her is jealous of the guy that does. The guy that has her knows he is not good enough for her, for nobody is good enough for her she is an angel that fell from heaven and no normal guy, like anyone on this planet, can ever hope to have her. she is a goddess among humans. She is everything!!
That girl is so a Marissa!
od uživatele Mr. Green723 16. březen 2009
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Strangely true, but scientifically proven, marissas of the world are 92% hot, bangen and/or extremely fuckable. When seeing such a marissa, you will become sexually aroused and most likely get a full or partial erection..
Note: similar results as a medusa, except only part of you turns to stone. Look away if a marissa is near.
“Damn that brunette over there is abnormally gorgeous, can you tell I have an enormous woody”
“Oh, that’s a marissa, and yes, you have pitched quite a tent there"
"marissa??!!,, figures,, they're always hot!!.."
od uživatele heyfever 02. květen 2008
(Muh-rih-suh)N.- A little cute girl with big eyes and a big heart that everyone loves.
Aw that marissa is so cute.
od uživatele Henryhenhen 08. září 2007
the girl who makes your head turn, your heart ache, and your tent pitched. she will drive you mad though.... and watch out. she is feisty.
I walked in the bar and there was Marissa. Doing her thing as usual like it was no big deal, lighting up the room.
od uživatele unusual suspect 10. srpen 2008
Marissa is a very pretty girl. In fact, she is hot. All marissas are. Marissas are easy to talk to and often times stay up to all hours of the night texting/instant messaging. Marissas are all very persistant and activley pursue anyone whom they like. Marissas can be best described by one word: Sexy. Marissas have a great body and a beautiful face. All Marissas are destined to someday be as hot, if not hotter than meagan fox. If a Marissa likes you take advantage of it as they are hard to come by and extremely hot.
"Whoa, that girl at her locker is so fucking hot."
"Oh thats Marissa. Shes way out of your league. Shes just too hot."
od uživatele marissas hot 09. červenec 2009
The hottest girl alive every guy wants her. has a fucking hot body and can party all night long. hot ass shit right there
Marissa is fucking hot
od uživatele HottAssShit 06. leden 2009
A girl who is likely to not only be great throughout the year, but also provide you with the perfect summer fling. Marissas are the type of girl that are genuine enough to stay up all night with you, doing something insane like eating Cheez-its. Then a Marissa is even nice enough to nap it off with you during the day. A Marissa typically has a smile that only a poem can do justice to, and the cutest giggle when she knows she hits the spot with a clever comment. Her personality can comfort you, everything from a nice hug to a long distance call, Marissas are typically the spunkiest girls around.
Do you know where Marissa is? I need a hug from her.
od uživatele ...Transformers 21. srpen 2009
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