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the afluent, white, waspy, country club going suburb of milwaukee, wisconsin. lots of money, out of control kids, and nonprofit work.
i heard he was in mequon. got stopped only because he was driving while black.
od uživatele trusty 22. duben 2005
Mequon is known to other towns by a few key things: Our REALLY loose younger girls, really rich kids with really rich parents that get their rich kids out of trouble all the time, and dirt poor people from the neighboring town that managed to seep into the more affluent community.

Loose girls: My friend and I were poking fun at his 14 year-old sister earlier... bout 12 hours ago. The subject of loose little girls and what they do in their free time came up. So we figured that it wouldn't hurt to have at least one non-emotionally traumatized little girl who drank too much semen before her time. I figured the best mode of motivation would be fear, "We will kill any boy who tries to get you to touch his penis before you are... hmmm 17. After that, you can put as much man-jam on your toast at you please." Reasonable right? I guess not because without much provocation she gave us our first hit. (Damaged before she could drive).

Rich people: Above the law... no that's not an accurate description... how about impervious. If the records of most of the shop lifting, pot-smoking, heroine addicts are looked up, not much more than a speeding violation can be scrounged up. Mommy and Daddy have a family name and legacy to protect, I mean who wouldn't hire a million dollar lawyer to ensure their Swiss cheese for brains kid gets into Harvard Law. A felony doesn't look pretty on a permanent record no matter how pretty you are. I figure its not really my problem. They stick to their own kind for the most part. They go and play golf, and don't forget that they have a barely pubescent girl at their side at all times... Moral support.

River Rats: They can swim, but they're more suited for... well about the same things as the rich kids do... minus the abortions and immunity to the law. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side for these kids. Unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy aren't as proud as the rich parents... if they're even around. A lot of these kids wander around fending for themselves... usually on a skateboard with a vid camera. Being less sheltered than the other half of town they're a little bit more socially conscious and less... well they aren't fucking assholes to your face.
Wanna go get high after school?
od uživatele governor fuckhead 27. duben 2005
Elite city in Southeastern Wisconsin, population 23,222. Home of the North Shore's elite both students and adults. Resented and feared by many, mostly for it's superiority and dominance of all other suburbs in the state of Wisconsin. Rated as one of the top 20 places to live in the country by CNN/Money Magazine. Envied and resented by many, replicated by none.
Guy 1: Mequon sucks
Elite Mequon Resident: You only say that because you are inferior and uneducated and you wish you lived in such an excellent city.
Guy 1: Yeah, you're right, I suck big time.
od uživatele Highlander Elite 20. listopad 2005
The perfect upper class city, on the northern side of Milwaukee.
Home to the highest ranking NFL players, Executives, and CEOs.
75% of mequon lives a lavish and perfect lifestyle while the other 25% are forgotten in the crowd.
The kids are flashy and get whatever they want from their rich parents. Don't come here without money.
i heard she lives in Mequon, she must be rich.
od uživatele MEQUONKID01 10. srpen 2012
An overrated suburb just north of Milwaukee, WI..

-People in Mequon think just because having a C class Mercedes Benz and a 3.5 Bedroom house in their waspy subdivision, is wealth..

-People in Mequon think just because they go to Starbucks every day and get a grande mocha latte, is wealth.

-People in Mequon think just because they have a 37" plasma TV, is wealth.

-People in Mequon think just because they can afford to continue to purchase gas for their SUVs, is wealth.

-People in Mequon think just because they can afford a membership to a crappy County Club, is wealth.

-People in Mequon think if you have dark hair and eyes, you are a Jew.

-People in Mequon think if you don't live in a NEW subdivision, you are a loser.

-People in Mequon also think if you don't have a plasma screen with cable/TiVo, you are a loser.

*People in Mequon suck. Period.*
I recently moved to Cedarburg, WI.. Just as wealthy, and a lot nicer than Mequon.
od uživatele Death to MeehhKWON! 11. listopad 2007
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