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Common name employed by forensic experts for the ultraviolet lamps used to spot semen stains on fabric.
Pass me the lewinsky, Scully... this sure looks like extraterrestrial spunk
od uživatele Hugh G Rection 16. Září 2003
388 182
a blowjob
I got your girlfriend to give me some lewinskw
od uživatele Diddy 10. Říjen 2002
244 76
A cigar holder
I need to put my cigar in lewinsky
od uživatele bill clinton 02. Červen 2003
164 104
A slang term meaning "knee pads". Lewinskies are very useful when giving multiple blowjobs, one right after another.
Janie: How was the party last night?

Stephanie: OMG it was GREAT! I probably sucked off 15 guys. Good thing I was wearing my Lewinskies, otherwise I don't think I could walk today.
od uživatele Steph M. 08. Říjen 2007
53 7
1.) A walking humidor
2.) A knob-gobbling
3.) A patch of protein smegged onto an article of clothing.
4.) A knob gobbler
1.) I put a box of my cubans in a Lewinsky.
2.) Your dad gives the best Lewinskys.
3.) Damn, sorry I Lewinskyed all over your face and dress.
4.) I was smoking a cigar from my Lewinsky while Lewinsky Lewinskyd me, and I accidentally Lewinskyd all over her.
od uživatele Ya motha's ass 11. Září 2003
114 88
The act of "blowing" or sucking on the genital member of the male sex (or "female"), preferably of a person in a high position or in high command, also commonly referred to as a blowjob. Term became popular after it was revealed that former president Bill Clinton had an extramarital affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky in which she happily provided him with a suck job.
(in the office)
Hey there goes Betty, I heard she gave the CEO a lewinsky and now she's got that phatass corner office on the 2nd floor. Damit, who's dick do I gotta suck to get a raise around here?
od uživatele rafalobo 22. Září 2006
57 37