"Laughing out fucking loud"
"LOFL that guy pissed his pants"
od uživatele Heza 16. Leden 2003
Laughing out fucking loud. est. 2004
Have you heard that new Penis Vs. Vagina song? Lofl shit's awesome
od uživatele Sean Fucking Panic 24. Květen 2005
Stands for either "laughing on floor laughing" or "laughing out fucking loud". Is totally awesome and a very versatile term. Cousins with "rmao".
d00d did u c taht episode of Walker? lofl!!!111
od uživatele Gomez Gomez Gomez 10. Říjen 2005
A hybrid of lol and rofl.Stands for 'Lol(laughing out loud)-ing on the floor laughing.
Man, I just finished watching 'charlie bit my finger' and I lofl'd
od uživatele Dressxss 14. Červen 2009
Life Of Falafel Licking
Az was sad until a LOFL came to her.
od uživatele tuds 06. Duben 2009
Acronym for "laugh out fucking loud."

That joke made me really LOFL.
od uživatele LB6 10. Leden 2007
you: hey, look what I did
me: LOFL, your too funny
od uživatele Sweet-Thing 15. Červen 2011

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