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Pussy. Literally
Hamza gets ton of kife. vagina
od uživatele Uziman4kife 06. Únor 2013
Steal, rob, take, swipe. See Kifed, Kifing.
I was going to kife her sunglasses, but took her wallet instead.
od uživatele noyoucrazydutch 30. Březen 2004
Complete and utter crap
that modular scarfoses is kife
od uživatele tnesia 17. Duben 2004
Something that is gross or shitty
that chick is really kife, i can't believe you licked her asshole

that nickelback concert was kife, why did we even go

that bong hit was totally kife, im gonna puke

od uživatele andy sanchez32 19. Únor 2009
To kife means to steal or jack someone else's stuff.
My ex kifed all my cd's when she moved out.
od uživatele Misaacs 23. Květen 2007
the word to use for anything negative. putting words like gay, dumb, fucking stupid all into one word.
bob- "did you go see that movie last night?"

fred- " yeah, don't go watch it... it's Kife!"
od uživatele harviedo 18. Listopad 2007
A sharp vagina - usually crusted-over and filled with scabs.
1: "I heard Christine has a kife dude."
2: "Damn, now that I know she has a crust-filled, flaky snatch I don't want any part of that."
od uživatele Kife Bacon 30. Leden 2012