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the art of going in a strop for no apparent reason.
"whats she doing?"
"shes doing a kelly..."
od uživatele wee dave 17. Květen 2008
124 333
A temporary boyfriend / girlfriend until your crush comes around. Named after "Kelly Girls", from Kelly Services.
They won't last, that's his kelly until Miranda is ready to hook up with him
od uživatele Rod Beatty 17. Listopad 2006
114 341
a surname for a SQUARE headded person
oh kelly u have such a square head
od uživatele jt3173 24. Leden 2008
105 434
Someone who dumps ppl for other ppl that are more popular. most likely a flirt (in a bad way) and usually is a bitch/hoe.
Sum1 random: dude she just told me she didnt want to be my frend anymore.

Another random person: duuudddeee, sheee is a total kelly...
od uživatele sum1 random 18. Únor 2008
160 522
Someone's exposed butt crack. Especially when at least three inches is visible and hairy.
(See plumbers crack.)
Dude! get a belt, you showin your kelly! and by the way, shave a line where your back stops and your butt starts.
od uživatele John the man! 09. Prosinec 2007
199 566
A girl who is very much like a ned but doesn't wash and is extremely stupid. They also have a child and sometimes a dog who are about as stupid as them. They also like to thieve pointless things like couches. Never trust Kelly shes the biggest lying scumbag.
Hey your as stupid as kelly and you smell worse.
Kelly, you stupid bitch.
Fuck you kelly
od uživatele stevie sharpy 11. Prosinec 2006
72 454
something thats gay; people, geometry, Broke Back Mountain, Elton John, gay aunts, uncles, etc.
Teacher: "Class you have a ten page essay on the south african dung beetle."

Student: " Da** bro thats kelly"
od uživatele MLTGK 17. Říjen 2007
137 571