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The ninja with boobs
Guy 1: Dude, who is that? It looks like a ninja, but its a girl.
Guy 2: OH SHI-, its KT, the legendary ninja with boobs, run!
od uživatele KombatKing 13. Květen 2007
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Easy to type version of Katie or Katy.
Katie: Hey
Fred: heya kt
od uživatele katiequeenofthestars 08. Listopad 2007
The person most likely to get drunk at a party and give your grandma a lap dance.
My grandma got so old school horny because of that Kt last night!
od uživatele kaitlynsmith 19. Leden 2008
KT= Keep talking
A sarcastic expression telling someone to keep talking when in fact the opposite is meant. Usually in reference to a negative comment.
Eddie: Your such a mug

Tom: KT
od uživatele urbandictioner2010 12. Duben 2010
Kroger Tard- Someone who works at the Kroger grocery store.
My friend Krug is a tard to begin with, now he works at Kroger and is a KT.
od uživatele Moses 13. Prosinec 2003
The abbreviated form of the name "Katie". A much cooler/interesting/shorter version of the name.
"K.T. is awesome! She is hilarious!"

"Where did K.T. go?"
od uživatele KT McGinnis 30. Leden 2008
that was a great kt behind the bike sheds
od uživatele Cal T 02. Říjen 2003

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