An amazing human being how can set his mind on anything and accomplish it. Known for their silence they are known to typically relax in the sun and play music or write stories. When a Joshua says he loves you don't laugh at them cause of it for there love is unique. Some of these Joshua's are very athletic and brave hearted. If you meet one of these unique people love every moment of it.
Joshuas Are Thee Unsung Hero
od uživatele DeathLovesCompany 26. Červenec 2011
Joshua is a guy who has a lot more to himself than you think. He isn't shy but isnt really outgoing. He'd much rather be at home, alone, then at school facing all the work and challenge it brings. He goes to school anyways to see his friends, whom he trusts with most of his secrets and untold emotions. He respects those that he feels deserve his respect and when it comes to what he believes in, nothing can change his mind. He is wise, very wise. He gives the best advice and tries his best to understand you. He is the cutest thing you will ever lay your eyes on. His personality is different. He can be mean but can also be the sweetest in the world. He is loyal, trustworthy, kind, caring, loving, honest, and everything good in a person you could find. He has the biggest heart and a brave soul. He is everything a girl could dream of packed into one person. He's also incredibly funny and has real skills when it comes to video games. He is the most amazing person you will ever meet and one you will never forget. He will change your life and change it for the better.
My boyfriend, Joshua, is everything I've ever wanted in a guy and more.
od uživatele JEA5674 13. Září 2011
Joshua's are amazing guys who can sometimes worry way too much. They usually have green eyes and brown hair and they're great pillows. Although sometimes they may have low self confidence in themselves, they are amazing in every way. They tend to enjoy playing Starcraft2 and video games, and like things such as Pokemon and DBZ. Their favorite food typically consists of Buffalo Wings.
Girlfriend: You know.. he's just.. amazing.

Friend: Aww~ We don't care! Okay.. maybe we do.. I want a Joshua!
od uživatele Someone.Secret 28. Srpen 2010
Joshua is a very caring and sweet indivuial. He has many amazing features. His eyes, smile and his looks of course. He has a very sweet personality and is the funniest guy in the world ! He is caring towards other and is a bit crazy !
Joshua is so nice.
I love you so much Joshua.
Be mine forever Joshua.
od uživatele My_Name_Shall_Not_Be_Told 07. Únor 2012
the most amazing guy there is in this universe. He's silly, spontaneous, a bad ass, talented, good with music, a bit nerdy, passionate, and by far the best u could ever want in a man. His passion and caring for the one he loves goes beyond anything you could expect and he's a wonderful dancer. He'll go the extra mile to surprise you or make you happy. Also he's a great friend and can mingle with anyone and make them laugh.
Girl: Man, i wish he was mine.
Other Girl: who? my joshua?
Other Girl: too bad. hes my perfect boyfriend.
od uživatele katherine crouch 10. Květen 2011
Joshua will listen to what you have to say and can be trusted with any secret. He will always pull through even when the going gets tough. He's been through a lot but still fights for what he believes in and what he loves. He's a great cook and thinks fighting is fun(even if he loses). He's got the cutest smile and perfect teeth. His eyes are the most gorgeous in the whole world and change color. He thinks he can always win an argument with you, but he's really just a little loser and knows it at heart. Any girl could get lost in them. He is a friend to keep, and a guy to love. He's every girls dream boy and is smart, funny, handsome, sexy, adorable, and outgoing. He treats girls with the upmost respect and hates seeing them cry. He can be spontaneous, but he prefers to ask your preference before doing anything that could possibly be upsetting or taken the wrong way. Any girl that is ever told they're loved by him should consider herself the luckiest girl in the world. He is the best any girl could ever get, and if you get with him, he's the best you will ever have.
Bestie One: "Your boyfriend is so cute and sweet to you! He must be a Joshua!"
Bestie Two: "Oh, he is! And I'm so lucky to have him!"
od uživatele HunnyBunches 06. Červen 2011
Joshua is Perfection. He never seizes to make his girl smile :) He's a real man ;) He's always there for you, no matter how bad you've messed up. He knows how to treat a girl right and make her happy no matter what. Joshua is every girl's dream guy. And any girl who gets to live that dream is the luckiest girl alive! Joshua is absolutely amazing! <3 Xx
I want Joshua to BE MINE ! <3
od uživatele Dayna <3 11. Duben 2011

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