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someone who you can trust with your entire world, an amazing boyfriend and a all around perfect boyfriend, he is completely loyal and the sweetest thing in the entire world. :)
he must her Jordan!
od uživatele hisgal 17. Leden 2011
Jordans are the best of the best!

To find one is like finding burried treasure

jordans are those people u just wanna have in your life, and there is no you shouldent love a JORDAN!!
"boys boys boys guess what?"

There is a jordan on the market"
this starts a large brawl over her
od uživatele Danomatic#4<3 26. Říjen 2010
Jordan is a complicated young man. There are so many adjectives that could describe him. But I think if I had to narrow it down, I would choose these words; enthralling, aggressive, considerate, sly, but mostly, unforgettable. He's had a rough past, lost loved ones, and gone through things a teenage boy should never have to experience. His fidelity might be swayed at times, but he knows when he's done wrong, and he'll make it right. Even if it takes time. Jordan is passionate about whatever he does. Whether it's baseball or raising his beautiful little boy. He's easily settled into many hearts. I was lucky enough to experience the feeling of being loved by him. I will never, ever forget how happy he made me. All the bad stuff will fade away in time. But the good stuff, the stuff that made me hate myself for actually letting him go, will stay with me forever.
I love you Jordan Compton.
od uživatele James C! 10. Duben 2010
the hottest girl everrrr!!!!! best sex everrr
dam jordan
od uživatele hotdude1313131313 21. Říjen 2009
Is a phenomenal actor!
"Jordan is a phenomenal actor!"

Guy 1: "The actor in that film was phenomenal!"

Guy 2: "Must have been Jordan. Because Jordan is a phenomenal actor!"
od uživatele Maelstrom1243456 03. Leden 2010
Jordan is basically the epitome of an amazing girl. She's hot & she knows it. She has wild rockstar hair, big blue eyes, and a great smile. She's wild and dangerous and she'll do any dare you give her, just to get a reaction out of others. She's smart, quick-witted, and hilariously funny. She doesn't take shit from anyone, and if anyone messes with her, she'll never let them hear the end of it. She has a small waist but a cute booty and big boobs, and she loves to show them off. She's a party girl and she can definitely get naughty, but deep down she knows right from wrong. She's much smarter than she let's on & she's probably smarter than most of the guys she messes around with. Some people thinks she's a bitch, and some people think she's full of herself, but they're just jealous. Everyone knows this girl. She can make a few mean jokes & might shock and surprise everyone from time to time, but Jordan is definitely someone you want in your life. She's a blast to be around and when she cares for you, she's a sweetheart. Jordan is the girl to chill with, a great friend, an unforgettable hook up, and if you make it this far... an amazing girlfriend.
"Damn that chick is wild, she must be a Jordan'
"She's so hot... gotta be a Jordan"
"Look at that hair, she's a jordan"
"Dude my girl is so boring, I wish I had a Jordan"
"She's such a bitch." -Mary
"Don't hate her cause she's beautiful, she's a Jordan" -Rachel
"Pretty face, nice body, good personality... she's a Jordan'
od uživatele masterk1234 20. Únor 2011
When you hold your hands down your boxers and hold your penis for 12hrs straight
Omg I fell asleep last night wearing only my boxers i think I Jordan'd
od uživatele Bellybopthe3rd 05. Říjen 2013