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Johanza, an insucure girl, trying to find herself, but it gets harder because she keeps looking for ways to change who she is. She stands there and let's people fuck her over. And she gets sick and tired of it but never says anything. Don't take her as "easy" because she's the jealous type and is not afraid to kill a nigga! She's the funniest and weirdest person you'll ever meet and she uses her great amount of laugher to cover up her pain, that kills her inside. She's not the one that's known to express her feelings but if she has something so say, the best thing to do is listen, because she doesn't speak bullshit. She's not meant to be judged from the outside, because her personality is the best feature about her. She's shy but try's to come out as open as possible and that ends up backfiring! She's not the fucking prettiest or the fucking smartest but she's always there for "you" left and right, but that's always the places where you get her fucked up. But most importantly she's got a

heart of gold! So when you disappear she's not the one left fucked, you are.
She believes in tough love!
Person: "You look nice today" Johanza: "You look like shit, haha, I'm just kidding I love you girl. No I don't"-walks away.
In this case she was talking to a friend and they didn't take the insult seriously.

If she was talking to someone she knew but wasn't that close to, she would deny their complement!
od uživatele Lyza 04. leden 2014
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