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Jack Off Hair. When a girl has long silky hair....
Hey Keith, that girl has some serious JOH...
od uživatele CCW II 20. Únor 2009
is very book smart but has no common sense nor direction, prideful, hard-headed, will lie to please you...basically a bullshitter
Don't be Joh and pull out you GPS
od uživatele mj2se 07. Únor 2010
A greeting. Similar to "Yo!" Can also be used to agree to something.

Often used in context with juh
Person: "This exam is going to be the worst thing I have ever written"
You: "Joh"

Friend walks in the room
You: "JOH!" or "Whats up joh!"
od uživatele Bex and Sky 20. Duben 2008
JJ's. Used to be a common room. Now it's a common bar. Not like Boobah.
od uživatele Anonymous 18. Říjen 2003