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an unexpected result
it is ironic that the health teacher's son is an avid recreational drug user
od uživatele student_athlete 29. Září 2013
8 3
a) Something that is contradictory.
b) Something that is complete and utter bullshit (but often accepted nonetheless.)
* see hipster

Anonymous twentysomething in Brooklyn: "I am NOT a hipster!"
od uživatele Captain American't 11. Červenec 2011
21 18
When a girl who has had sex has never had an orgasm, but a girl who has never had sex has had plenty.
Cake: I just had sex.
Bean: Did you orgasm?
Cake: NO.
Bean: That's ironic, because I've never even kissed a guy but I've had plenty of them.
od uživatele cakenbean 09. Březen 2009
72 71
That which is of, related to, or exhibiting characteristic features of the band Iron Maiden.
That band is very ironic.

That hipster is wearing a Powerslave t-shirt to be ironic.
od uživatele amssp 13. Prosinec 2010
17 20
A word that means anything you want it to
Girl 1 "Oh wow my mom ordered pizza and I was thinking about pizza"

Girl 2 "Omg! How Ironic"
od uživatele TheChasm 03. Srpen 2012
8 12
A word in the english dictionary that used to have meaning. But since ever hipster now uses to describe nothing it has lost all meaning.
Hipster: That terd I just stepped in, it's so ironic.
You: Why didn't you mother abort you like she should have? Now that would have been ironic.
od uživatele Olupon Freshterd 12. Září 2010
8 12
1. When a phrase means the opposite of what it literally says.
Opp. literal
NB However similar, not to be confused with sarcasm

2. When an event happens in a certain situation which is contrary to what one would expect.
It would be ironic if the former Worlds Fattest Man died of starvation.

When Ricky Martin, latin american sex-symbol and ladykiller, became famous, there were rumours flying about the media that he was gay.
However, when the russian group T.a.T.u became famous, rumours arose in the media that the two girls that were alledgedly lesbians were in fact heterosexual.
od uživatele Rowan D. Easternhall 26. Červenec 2006
41 49