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When a person with long hair braids it before inserting it into there partners anus, then pull it out and paints a picture on the partners chest.
Sally gave John a beautiful Indian Paintbrush that he will always remember.
od uživatele B.A.B.B.S. 27. Únor 2011
5 2
When a man is being given head and ejaculates into the women's mouth, he puts his ballsack in her mouth, covering it with cum and then rubs his cum-covered sack all over her face
"It gets better, let me give you an indian paintbrush"
od uživatele Informal Moose 25. Květen 2012
1 1
When one vomits and deficates at the same time. Both in liquid form.
Free tequila with mexican food gave me a terrible Indian Paintbrush...
od uživatele 17304 14. Únor 2009
12 14
when you put your c*** between a girls tits and blow your load all over her face.
Bob:Hey betty lets try something new tonight.
Betty:Like what?
Bob:Lets do the Indian Paintbrush
od uživatele Alex Ebe 04. Únor 2005
4 21