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interj. Exclamation of displeasure or disgust.
Hurg, I just ate an expired sandwich
od uživatele Pixel"#~ 18. Duben 2009
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verb. to hug a penis that has been inserted in ones anus using only the anal walls.
after he slid his pulsing cock into my hungry wet hole, I gave him a super tight hurg in appreciation.
od uživatele hurgitron's wubanub 03. Červen 2010
I want some hurgs Oden! <3
od uživatele Chuggles8 06. Březen 2013
hot, sexy
That cutie over there is hurgalicious.
od uživatele HURG 04. Únor 2004
"I hurged all over him", or "I would love to hurg him"
od uživatele Deeps 04. Únor 2004

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