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When people give you "Bull" and you call their bluff...
and you just want to stop them by saying:
"Stop hand feeding me, bullshit!"
by saying this they will know that the gig is up and you want

them to know it...and you just don't want to hear

anymore.It's equivalent to saying ,Oh,Bullshit!
1.I've been hand fed bullshit!!

2.They think I don't know!! They think I am aware of all their lies and bullshit... did they really think that I was going to be "hand fed some bullshit and take it!!" ..oh fuck 'em!!....fuck that!!!...fuck NO!!!!

3."Stop hand feeding me your bullshit....your so full of shit!!!"....

4."Why are you treating me like a baby and hand feeding me your bullshit?"...
by telling them this is confronting the problem....
(they are treating you like a baby:making you feel helpless because you are oblivious to the situation/ or you were....and they are confident that YOU are more than willing to take it....and even wait for more...

5. It's when your son or daughter ...even your husband or wife....tries to lie to you and you already know it...but yet..they continue to try to tell you bullshit in hopes that somewhere along their story you will buy into" the story" (bullshit)..that they are telling you and / or you will change your mind after they hand feed you their bullshit.....and you're just going to believe them and accept their bullshit.
and most likely they will try to keeping giving you more of their bullshit ...feeding it to you... as in >>ummmm...yum..yum..yum...give me some more of that bullshit you just gave me..cause I want more of it ..keep it coming ...."I just love getting hand fed some bullshit!"
od uživatele CyberVamp Stevens 27. Září 2011

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