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A word often used by anime characters. (Usually the anti-social/ broody/ cold/ tortured types. Ex. Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho.)

It is a universal bitchy answer to anything anyone says. The character says it when they could care less, or when they are being a jerk. Which is probably all the time. (Can even be used as a greeting, it's pretty versatile. Like grunting to communicate.)
1.) Yusuke: "Hell of an actor. You know not everyone can pretend to laugh at their dying friends."
Hiei: "Hn."

2.) Hiei: "Hn..."
Yusuke: "Damn Hiei, is this how you say hello to people now?!"

od uživatele Vicious 13. Září 2003
173 20
H.N to be sarcastic when someone says something that isnt funny. "Ha No"
Boy: You really like me, don't you!
Girl: H.N
od uživatele Lemonlime1992 17. Duben 2008
3 0
Short for "Hebrew National". An extremely attractive jewish female.
That amber is an H.N.? Wow, she can get it.
od uživatele D. Green 21. Červenec 2003
2 0
How Nice!
guy:there is a niiiiiiiice japanees resturant next to our place that serves the best jap food ever


guy:dont worrie someday ull eat there....promiss ::D

girl: Hn.
od uživatele VaNiSH619 10. Srpen 2009
10 23
House Nigga
Shitz, Leroy went to school and got a job. He's soft now. No longer a FieldNigga but an HN.
od uživatele ShihNayNay 16. Září 2009
12 27
what constipated people say
Hn ahh hn ooooh hnnnnn (fart) oh damnit!!
od uživatele dont hit me 13. Srpen 2003
15 52
having a hard nipple(s)
whoa, honey, check ur HN
od uživatele AL 28. Červenec 2004
15 54