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Happy Ending, hand job, blow job, sex
She asked me to flip then offered me a HE for another $50 at the massage parlor
od uživatele Old Artist 27. květen 2008
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Atomic symbol for helium.
He is helium.
od uživatele thegreatwhitehype 16. září 2003
That box is full of H.E. rounds!
od uživatele SpaceMarine 16. květen 2003
A awesome Chinese last name.
Who is he? Oh! That is just mister He!
od uživatele Urban Masta 12. leden 2008
The masculine pronoun.
"He smells of cabbage"
od uživatele blii 20. únor 2003
A High Explosive grenade that blast things away instead of sending off splinters like a pineapple grenade. Also knows as "nades" in several FPS games such as Counter-Strike
CT: Fire in the Hole! *Throws a HE grenade*

T: Argh .. *Dies*
od uživatele AKhellbindeR 30. březen 2005
he is always in your heart, somehow. he is handsome, kind, caring, good at what he's doing, and he's hardly to forget. he is sensitive at what other people said about him. but sometimes he doesn't really care at all. he is well balanced, it's hard to search his weakness. he is one of a kind. if you find someone like him, try hard not to let him go.
A: Who is he?
B: He is someone who you will never forget
od uživatele louisaaaa123 25. leden 2014
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