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One guy getting his nob slobbed from the north, while his buddy tags her from the south. At this point they both give each other high fives.
Dude #1:
"That H-clap was really awesome last night."

Dude's Buddy:
"Yeah, she was locked up tighter than a pair of Chinese finger cuffs."

Dude #1: "Go Bengals!"
od uživatele Delbert McClinton 08. prosinec 2003
A 3some.One guy in the front getting his penis sucked another guy fucking the girl from the back.Then slap hands with your friend for the slut your fucking.
Hey man you wanna h clap this bitch tonight
od uživatele Gabe Waits 11. únor 2009
When performing a H-clap a female is giving a blow job to a male while she is recieving it from behind by another male. During this sexual activity the two men clap hands over the top of the female. The only way this activity is truely considered a H-clap is if the two men slap hands.
My buddy and I were H-clapping this chick at a party and before we clapped hands people just thought we were doing an ordinary eiffel tower, but once we clapped everyone cheered.
od uživatele Dome is Dome 09. prosinec 2009
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