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an f-in skinny douchebag, often associated with halo obsession, asian modeling, and tight shirts. secretly homosexual, fantabulous with the ladies, especially short irritating ones and tall innocent ones.spontaneously says "skinny" when in presence of a CPS
grant goes to iolani school
od uživatele skeeter&adds 08. Prosinec 2008
59 180
A massive vagina. Another word for referencing a man as a "pussy."
Why dont you stand up for yourself and stop being such a Grant?
od uživatele cstrat71 25. Listopad 2008
90 211
(v.)to seek homosexual companionship in a men's public restroom. It is usually in the form of loud laughing that can heard thoughout entire office attempt to gain the attention of the person in the neighboring office.
I heard someone granting down the hall, so I shut the door to my office.
od uživatele viva la france 10. Červenec 2008
88 209
a huge prick who likes to suck grannies vaginas until they queef on him.
grant sucked my granny's vagina.
od uživatele cat101010 08. Duben 2009
69 191
fag bitch that sits next to me in eletronics
fucken grant was irritating me today!
od uživatele k10haholt 04. Únor 2009
57 181
1.) a piece of lard that goes to Menlo
2.) fat, obese, overweight
3.) one who has whale like qualities
4.) rosie o'donnell
1.) grant jumped in the sky, he got stuck

2.) grant is so fat, he got baptized and sea world
od uživatele grants mom 10. Červenec 2008
41 190