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Grumpy baby.
George was being a total graby this morning.
od uživatele mothergoose99 04. Únor 2010
15 4
Abbreviation: Meaning GIMP rabies =]
Ross: Man look over there its a pvc suited guy with grabies

Belle: Damn those GIMPS...
od uživatele ross david westerly 04. Září 2007
3 1
grown baby
Haley's a graby
od uživatele CallMeSK 06. Leden 2010
4 7
Graby is the colloquial term for a man's semen, or more commonly known as BabyGravy.
"Y'arigh' love, ye want me graby between ye' baps?"

"I'm going to bast your oven with my graby, tonight"
od uživatele Peter Foil 19. Srpen 2011
1 7