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Derogatory adjective describing remote, primitive, or chaotic location; probably an insinuation regarding the perceived sexual practices of the locals.
"Did you hear, John was sent out to the middle of the Gobi desert with his work? That's a real goatfuck posting"
od uživatele goatfuck 19. Prosinec 2007
9 5
Massive scrum of reporters, radio people, photographers on ladders, television cameras etc at a press conference. The goatfuck frequently takes on a life of its own as all participants heave around to get closer to the the object of their journalistic desire. This can lead to unseemly behaviour. (source R Liddle; Guardian)
see above..
od uživatele Medium Tone 03. Prosinec 2003
18 17
Situation involving chaos, crowding, confusion, and surprise; populous melee. Also yemeni cluster goatfuck.
Go to Manhattan on Black Friday?! YMBK! What a goatfuck!

I couldn't leave work because of the goatfuck the new deadline brought on.
od uživatele anjali666 26. Leden 2008
4 7
The offspring of a hick and a sex offender.
Eric Benfiel is a goatfuck.
od uživatele Saint Jimmy 14. Duben 2005
17 21
vt. to intentionally ram into the asses of other cars for the purpose of watching them fly off the road and go boom.
Raj decided to goat-fuck the asshole who cut him off.
od uživatele Achmed Al Shalab 25. Březen 2006
12 20
When you fuck a goat.
John: Wheres my goat?
Ryan: Why?
John: So I can go for a nice round of goat fuck.
od uživatele marryjizzle 19. Říjen 2008
24 61
A reaction one has when he knows when he or she will eventually get screwed. Or already has been screwed.
Hey how would you like to join us for dinner? I'll pay.

No thanks. Last time I got stuck with the bill and i was goat fucked.
od uživatele Cellardoor 31. Květen 2005
8 58