A potentially fatal action by humanit, which has been linked to increased drought in many regions already, particularly in Africa, where it is believed to have worsened political conditions.

Don't believe me?
www.usatoday.com/news/nation/ 2003-01-30-drought-usat_x.htm
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An enormous number of scientific foundations have released warnings that Global Warming could drastically alter climatic patterns, threatening the orientation of current farmland, cities, and populations. Increased CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere have also been linked to lower nutritional content in various food, off setting the theoretical "bounty harvests" various politicians have theorized to be produced in the future.

Still don't believe me?

Global Warming may have natural causes as well as human related ones, however there is disagreement on the degree and even existance of the natural causes in the scientific community. Human activities, however, are undoubtedly related to it, according to nearly every scientific study.

Unfortunately, there is still widespread misunderstanding of the nature and severity of Global Warming among the populace, blatantly derived from the unduely skeptical and irrationally hesitant media coverage. For instance, only 35% of mainstream media articles accurately reflected the scientific "debate", that there are definately anthropological causes and possibly natural ones, a stark contrast to accepted scientific theory.

Global Warming is real, and will have serious and grave consequences for the whole of humanity.
od uživatele some one with evidence 20. Prosinec 2006
when fossil fuels are burned from cars and other gas using vehicles. Since carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas it causes heat by it sucks infrared radiation that causes heat and makes it so it is hard for the sun rays to escape.
Dude all this global warming is going to make polar bears extinct.
od uživatele A1YDZ 14. Leden 2008
What republicans pretend not to believe in so they can see New York and San Francisco flooded in 20 years or so.
"Ya know... Katrina done hit us pretty hard. Mebee that Gore feller 'bout th' global warming 'ur whutever was talkin' a licka sense aft-"

"Shhhh! Shutthafuckup Pete!"
od uživatele known_to_some 09. Leden 2010
A theory, that the inflammation of "greenhouse" gases will produce a "greenhouse effect" keeping the Earth's temperature up. It's a really good cause, to prevent this from happening, but most people do not know that in Washington D.C., (my teacher told us this) the people are lobbying the oil, so that we always need to use the oil because of the money involved. And that's what it's all about. Money. If it weren't for those lobbyers, (I hope I spelled that right) we could switch to something that would prevent global warming from happening. But no. It's all about money. Doesn't anyone care about what will happen if we don't prevent this global warming, also known as climate change, from happening? Some things that may happen are the following:

The depletion of the ozone layer

Glaciers will melt because of the temperature increase since the Industrial Revolution. Over the last 100 years, the temperature has increased approximately 0.6 Fahrenheit. Over the last 4 decades, the arctic ice pack has lost about 40 percent of its thickness.

Some ski resorts would have to resort to making their own snow. Ski resorts would have to have shorter seasons and in southern Ontario, the length of the ski season would be cut in half by 2080.

In the near future, the sea level would rise 55 meters.

The melting of the polar ice caps.

Many, many species in Australia's Great Barrier Reef will die out because of a few degrees of climate increase.

~Constance. February 12, 2005.
I really believe in preventing global warming. For more information, you may go to one of my websites, www.neopets.com/~tailofthelily (don't ask, I needed to create a simple webpage)
od uživatele C.C. 12. Únor 2005
The natural process of the earth heating up over time in between glaciations. In recent times this process has been sped up dramatically because of the burning of fossil fuels, as well as occurances in nature as the result of global warming. The increase in heat leads to ocean levels rising, lifeforms dying, and people becoming pissed off. Over time it can cause massive climate shifts.
People use the fact that global warming is a natural process to ignore that we are dramatically increasing the speed at which it occurs.
od uživatele SpaceDolphin 20. Leden 2006
the warming of the earth's atmosphere thanks to CO2 emmisions. Scientist and other politics keep bitching about it so much, that they fail to notice that when they talk, they emmit even more CO2.
Stop bitching about global warming, you only make it worse.
od uživatele sangeajinn 23. Leden 2007
The phenomenon of the earth heating up quicker than it would naturally. Many call it a hoax that is meant to decrease the value of big oil corporation's stock.
"Dat der Al Gore is preachin dat der global warming and he don't know his ass from a hole in a barn!"
od uživatele toolguru 25. Říjen 2007

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