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A genre of action/adventure films featuring over-the-hill actors/actresses reprising roles they had in their much younger years.
--I've already seen the new Rocky and Rambo movies. I think they're showing the new Indiana Jones and Die Hard movies at the nickel theater.

--You actually WANT to see those geriaction movies?
od uživatele docmoc 20. Červen 2009

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To "get some action" from a Geriatric.

To perform or receive any type of sexual act on, to, or with, a old geriatric person.

To "fuck an old broad".
News: I was just beaded. Fark: Two of the grannies I work with are chanting "show us your t*ts" as I type this. TF: I'm a dude

kagemaru026: then do it, prudemitter. you might get some geriaction.
od uživatele xtonyx 24. Únor 2009