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A super bad hangover. Similarly to 'fugly' or the combination of 'fucking' and 'ugly'...'fungover' is the combination of 'fucking' and 'hungover. This shortened version takes out the extra word and thus reduces the amount of work it takes to express just how bad the morning after is.
"Holy shit I'm fungover."

"I'm so fungover I think I might die."

"Someone make me a sandwich, I'm so fungover I don't think I can move."
od uživatele luxlady06 20. Listopad 2011

Slova související s Fungover

hungover drinking drunk emotions fucking fun life morning after
The feeling of gloom and depression following a particularly enjoyable day.
"I'm really fungover at work today after we built snowmen yesterday"
od uživatele euzie 09. Únor 2009