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A girl or slut that does freaky things all the time. She never can have enough sex. She can do every sex position imaginable and make up her own. Petey Pablo made a theme song for these women, Freek-a-Leek. They may also often have ghetto names.
Rodeesha is a Freek-a-Leek.
od uživatele TipsyMa4Lyfe 07. Červen 2004
190 42
A whore that has sex for fun
That girl freeks a leek
od uživatele Geoff 06. Prosinec 2004
53 17
a very freaky gurl that cant get enough
sex.she is also kinda a slut.she loves to fuck.and has a tongue ring.
a song by petey pablo call "freek-a-leek"
1.petey pablo:lets take some calls from the request line.caller #1.....
2.caller:ay man,...whats up.
This Dominique from shady oaks trailer park.
1.petey pablo:whats up dominique?
2.caller:i wanna hear that song from lil jon and petey pablo.
1.petey pablo:aight i got that comin up right for u.now shout out the radio station that gave u what u wanted.
2.caller:double-u boom boom baby!
Gurl sings:How u like it daddy? and so on......
od uživatele #1. Freek-a-Leek 16. Červenec 2004
58 47
A very freaky person/uncontrollably freaky.
Man, that slut is a Freek-A-Leek
od uživatele jadilockz 08. Únor 2010
12 11
when you wanna go to the bathroom.
i gotta take a freek-a-leek.
od uživatele yo momma 20. Únor 2005
6 27
someone who "rocks your world"
That girl loves to please, she's a real freek-a-leek
od uživatele jrapindahood 22. Duben 2008
3 27
Curruption of freek-elite

aka your Finest sluts,skeezers,hoes,tricks ect...
That girls a freek-a-leek (freak elite)
od uživatele kow_heman 24. Únor 2005
15 43