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cough up a lung where you from..
Flatlands: (right before canarsie and mill basin)

is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, The neighborhood borders are roughly delineated by Flatlands Avenue on the North, Avenue U to the South, Ralph Avenue to the East, and Flatbush Avenue to the West. Mostly infamous for The Gemini Lounge, and at one time the headquarters of a notorious Gambino Mafia Family crew that is suspected by the FBI of between 75-200 murders. It was the front half of a two-story brick building located on a corner lot in Flatlands, Brooklyn, with the back half consisting of an apartment dwelling where many victims of the crew were murdered and dismembered. Today the gemini lounge is a during the 70's 80's and until the late 90's the neighbrhood was great to raise your family and everyone was close friends, related to or knew "someone" very well. during the late 90's till today the neighborhood became a drug pushing teenager overdosing graffitti fighting idiot land. today the neighborhood is 99% black and during the morning and afternoon everything seems to be ok. but when night falls fuck around and get stabbed up shot up and or locked up. E51 STAND UP! lol

person 1- wanna go to flatlands?
person 2- no
person 1- why?
person 2- um because we have absolutley no business being there.
od uživatele BIGTKONE 18. listopad 2007
Flatland BMX is an evolution of the freestyle BMX movement and (some influence from) break dancing, and has been refined into one of the hardest sports to master (hand-eye-body-coordination-wise) in all of action sports. Still keeping true to freestyle, this form of cycling involves many scuffing, spinning, rolling, and hopping tricks while balancing on only one wheel of the bike for a duration of time. Many tricks may be linked together to form links - and some may last for as long as 4 minutes at a time whithout the rider's foot or both tires touching the ground.
1. Yo that gansta ass G thurr just busted out a tight flatland move!
2. Whoa, did you see that spinning flatland move? That was curazee!
3. No, this is not a street bike - it is a flatland bike.
od uživatele Jas0n 0n a BIKE 25. únor 2005
A "nation". I mean, who the fuck made this, Jacopo Castelletti? This whole micronation thing is just fucked up all together.
Get out, what are you? A Flatlandian?
od uživatele Aldy, with love *kiss* 03. červenec 2012
a great way to use free time; performing a variety of bmx tricks on an area of flat land or open space of concrete; possibly the best way to ride on 2 wheels ever invented
dude i met this guy who could do some really kool flatland stuff like a decade, a steam turbine, and a cliffhanger.
od uživatele e-flo 05. květen 2007
Area of flesh between a person's starfish and their front parts.
I pulled out and skeeted all over her flatlands
od uživatele Cal 02. prosinec 2004
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