Fat Cat Fridays
Let's get together and play foosball at this week's FCF.
od uživatele godilovefoos 10. Červenec 2008
First come first serve.
The gifts will be given out FCFS.
od uživatele xhuwin 05. Srpen 2008
family comes first
fcf all day !
od uživatele mirfnmugga 18. Únor 2012
favorite character forever
od uživatele l0v3sucks 30. Leden 2011
an acronym standing for "Fingers Crossed For Snow," showing one's wishes for frozen precipitation to delay or cancel school, but without jinxing the possibility of such an occurrence.
After slapping the kid for saying the S-word (snow), I told him to say fcfs instead, to not jinx our chances for a snow day.
od uživatele fcfs 29. Leden 2006
=Fat Cunt Full.
Uncomfortably full.
Ate too much.
Ate a huge meal.
Massive pig-out.
>Waddup dude?
>Oooh....FCF man!
od uživatele groper 04. Říjen 2005
Fat Cunt Feed, such as KFC, McDonalds or other fast food restaurants. Usually enjoyed whilst a hangover is present.
Yo man, do you wanna go get an FCF? I'm starving!
od uživatele FCF 16. Říjen 2005

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