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Em•in•em (em in’em), n.

1) A superficial mainstream rapper specializing in exploiting gullible people with controversial material through the use of the mainstream media.

2) Alias used by Marshall Bruce Mathers III for rapping purposes, created by taking the first letter of his first and last names (M & M) and spelling out the sound of the phrase. (1995; Created by Marshall Bruce Mathers I, realistically)
I don't like Eminem or any other musician that is proclaimed to be a "great" artist but lacks the ability to create his or her own instrumentals.
od uživatele Essix 05. Květen 2006
Slim Shady
B Rabbit
Marshal Mathers
That guy who starred in the movie 8 Mile
I didn't actually give you a definition, sorry.

Eminem, Slim Shady, B Rabbit, and Marshal Mathers are the best things that came out of Detroit!!
od uživatele axodd 25. Květen 2013
The only white guy who can say nigger without getting shot.
Eminem: Whatup nigger!?
Black guy: The fuck you just say?!?!?
Eminem: It's chill dude, I'm Eminem
Black guy: Oh ok nig
od uživatele dadude55 06. Květen 2012
1)Every white kids idol
eminem is like my idol I want to be him in the future
od uživatele Bass tester 20. Červen 2014
The god of rap
Eminem is the best rapper.
od uživatele Mrjbob72 30. Březen 2014
the best rapper alive
Person 1 "I just herad Sean rap!"
Person 2"Is he an eminem?"
od uživatele michellelaf3 11. Únor 2011
A great white rapper from Detriot. Hit songs include nolove,not afraid,like toy soldiers,love the way you lie,and many other great songs.He is friends with also great rappers like dr dre and 50 cent
Douche:Hey,have you heard that new juicy j song? Its soooooo good.
Me:Yeah,juicy j sucks,eminem is where its at.
od uživatele Okay,I wont use my real name k 19. Listopad 2013