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Miley Cyrus.
Kid: Close. It's a disaster known as Miley Cyrus
Fan girl younger sister: That's not true! Everybody loves Miley Cyrus!
Kid: Everyone with Lobotomy.
od uživatele A. Naun. E. Mussk 07. Květen 2010
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A real elmore, fuck up, fiasco or general mess.
Enron was a complete elmore; the result was a disaster for the shareholders and employees alike.
od uživatele Mmmm Lewinsky 26. Září 2007
complete chaos, insanity, explosion.
maria's party was a disaster!
od uživatele Cera 20. Březen 2005
Alcoholic drink mixture which originates in Cork, Ireland
A round of Disasters please.
He had one to many disasters last nite.
od uživatele Gally-Kid 10. Říjen 2007

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