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Sexy beast from the east!
A person who you'd wanna fuck all night long.
Strong manly man
a male who is exceptionally good in bed

literally the nicest person in the worlddddddd

The best boyfriend a girl can ask for. Will do anything for you and will love you with all his heart. Any girl who dates him will be the happiest girl on the planet.
G: Oh is that Deven?
S: Yea I think it is.
A: Oh, Don't u 2 just wanna fuck him all night long?
G: Fuck Yea

od uživatele 77710 01. Leden 2009
Pimp ass mother fucking playa
Look at that kid he's such a Deven Arora.

od uživatele Deven A. 07. Září 2008
Deven... Deven would be the ideal boyfriend! INCREDIBLY sweet! Would do ANYTHING for you! Very cute and loving. Really good in bed
That Deven is Really sweet!
od uživatele promithazine_254 28. Listopad 2012
First of all deven is a girl. She is open and not afraid to share. She could steal your heart in an instant with her eyes. She is an amazing artist and knows how to live life. She can only be described with one word.... Goddess. If you ever have a deven don't lose her you will regret it foever.

You can only wish your girl was a deven.
I wish my girl was a deven.
od uživatele yourpseudonym6661 17. Červenec 2014
Meaning "Don't even" from the term "Mi d'even swim". Used by popular Jamaican Dancehall Artiste Aidonia in his video response to Vybz Kartel.

Used in Jamaican slang.
Video response and other related videos can be found on youtube.
Cory Todd: Ya fish?

Donia: Right ya now mi d'even swim.
od uživatele Stullesha 24. Září 2012
First of all, Deven is a woman. She's smart, sexy, witty, and honest. She's sweet and caring, but she doesn't take any crap from anyone. And if you are honest and show integrity, she'll be loyal to you forever.
Deven is the most real person I know.
od uživatele blondie5 05. Únor 2010
A girl with a good taste in music but mostly likes dubstep. Very strange and abnormal. Very different from all the kids in her school. Only a few people can stand her awesomeness for others she's abit to much. Everyone says she's annoying but she doesn't really care cause being annoying is part of her personality. She may date alot of guys but her relationships usually don't last more then a week. She's very passionate and awesome but don't fuck with her she has a big temper. If your on her good side she'll love you to death!

Guy 1: Did you see that girl last night?

Guy 2: Yeah! she is such a Deven!

Guy 1: Did you hear the song she put on?

Guy 2: Yeah!! but i didn't catch the name.. it was some kind of dubstep song for sure though

Guy 1: damnit! anyways, didn't your friend date her?

Guy 2: Yup! so did I.

Guy 1: Lucky...

Guy 2: Don't worry man, when she meets you i'm pretty sure by the 2nd time she see's you, you guys will be dating.

Guy 1: So true.. She is such a Deven
od uživatele Annika Curson 06. Leden 2010