Do I look like a give a fuck?

Commonly used on Facebook, to describe a feeling of being annoyed and/or want everyone to know you could care less.
Jamie: "OMGahh! You never text me back, I hate you!"

Daniel: "DILLIGAF?!"
od uživatele DontGiveUhh 10. Únor 2011
Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck
mary "what did he say about your new braces"
anne "he dosent like them, but, dilligaf, really"
od uživatele cwistinaaa 14. Leden 2009
Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck
Ain't that yer Girl-Friend making out with that OTHER Hot chick???

od uživatele DragonWolfe 17. Duben 2008
do i look like i give a fuck
so what dilligaf
od uživatele witchsnitch 02. Duben 2010
Do I look like I give a f*ck
can also be dilligaff: Do I look like I gave a flying F*ck
That bumper sticker said 'DILLIGAF'
od uživatele slitherfth 16. Říjen 2008
do i look like i give a fuck
teacher:hey your late for class young man
od uživatele lil' man 08. Listopad 2006
Do I look like I give a fuck?!
Your dog just shitted on my mother's porch! DILLAGAF!
od uživatele Bionicle 20. Září 2003

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