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A abbreviated name of the the video game "Counter-Strike Global Offensive"
Johny: Want to play some CSGO?
Paul: nah, 1.6 is way better.
od uživatele Yolo swagins 16. prosinec 2013
CSGO Cyka Blyat
od uživatele Juhad John 30. duben 2016
An endless rage cycle, For ages 12 to 45.
Csgo Made By Dicks for Dicks.
od uživatele Young 'Kenezzer 28. duben 2016
A terrific, genius and fantastic gun game for teenager and other gun game player, it was ceated by Gaben , the boss of Steam, the company that owns many games including Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2 etc.
I love playing CSGO
od uživatele RumbleSoul 23. prosinec 2015
Cute should go out
When your mates add girls on Facebook, comment csgo
od uživatele pleasure_bandit 23. březen 2015

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