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Noun. Object. Rolled bits of toilet paper stuck on your pubes due to unsatisfactory wiping techniques. Can also be called "cootie crickets" as in the old sled dogg song "crotch cooties and cooter crickets forever."
Go take a bath babe, you're crawlin with cooter crickets!
od uživatele ginger petunia 29. Listopad 2003

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Same as "crabs" or a std.
Joe: Hey that girl is pretty bangin!
Nick: I wouldn't touch her cuz I here she has cooter crickets!
od uživatele Mattttt 14. Prosinec 2005
Crabs contained in the cooter.
ML has some sick ass cooter crabs.
od uživatele B.Schiff and ML 26. Únor 2005