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chewing gum.
give us some chuddy ya bam
od uživatele da ging 06. Červen 2003
213 47
A Northern English way of saying "Chewing Gum"
Oy mate, you got any chuddy?
od uživatele Grandmaster JFA 22. Srpen 2008
86 22
100% male cotton underwear fastened at the waist by a thin belt-like piece of cotton.
Cotton boxers with a belt.
od uživatele gabber singh 13. Únor 2003
76 27
Effeminate underwear, briefs (usually) with no "Y-fronts", jocks, panties, knickers. Origin of word - Punjabi (India/Pakistan). Popularised in British English by usage in BBC comedy series "Goodness Gracious Me".

The noun "chuddies" is feminine. The masculine of it would be "chuddas".
One of those Def Leppard chaps wore Union Jack chuddies.
od uživatele DopplerDuck 15. Prosinec 2009
31 17
A chode-like looking person with the posture of a gremlin. Often seen lurking in the streets of K-town. They have fat, stubby chubby arms and legs.
Oliver Gaziano: Oi, come here you dirty little girl!

Every passing girl: Shut up you Chuddy!
od uživatele Nick Lander (Original Chuddy) 02. Březen 2014
0 2
near perfection, prestige, extravagantly presented, cute, sexy, something often wished for but never possessed
He is so chuddy, wish he'd take notice of me

Chuddy is so hot, god I want him
od uživatele Sitchit 28. Duben 2011
8 24
chuddy, the singular for chuddies.A useful word for showing emotion.And it means buttcheeks.
Kiss my chuddies!
od uživatele Angy 09. Únor 2004
11 38