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(slang) n. A penis of above average thickness.
You should have seen his chodder, Martha. I swear it was like a baby's arm clutching a sheep's heart.
od uživatele Naomi Onions 06. Květen 2009
A fat person
Bob is such a chodder!
od uživatele =-XoX-= 07. Červen 2011
A rather large chunk of poo.
Jimmy flew a right chodder down the loo!
od uživatele acidic94 31. Leden 2010
A terrible spelling mistake made by a good friend of mine. Supposed to be "chowder".

ie: clam CHOWDER
Who wants some chodder?
od uživatele the magikal leprechaun 31. Červenec 2005