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Gary Hesketh aka chicken bag
Is chicken bag with you?
#chicken #bag #gary #hesketh #bags #of
od uživatele qber 20. listopad 2007
a nutsack!typically on men or fat women who act like men. or who smell like dookie
Hey! don't make me kick your chicken bag!
od uživatele peedonu 08. srpen 2004
'slang' nutsack, ballsack, applebag, etc.
"get your cheesy chickenbag outta my face asswipe!"
od uživatele KNOB 05. únor 2004
A oven roasting bag for a chicken that is fitted to collect vapors for inhalation. Design provides ease of use for large groups or individuals.

Hey man, you want have another chicken bag before we go?
#delectable #tasty #crippling #healthy #buzztastic
od uživatele Bill Melater 19. duben 2006
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