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A modern street way of saying chilling made popular in small pockets of English society
I am looking forward to chibbling tonight after a stressful day at work
od uživatele Mango Pulp 16. Červen 2010
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What an affectionate dog (often a puppy) does to a person or sometimes another dog they like. A chibble is done with front teeth and is very quick in motion. It is not biting because the mouth does not open wide and it is not a form of aggression. Chibbling is the series of chibbles. Sometimes a chibble can pinch so it is important to know the. Dog is showing affection not trying to injure.
When a puupy sees a person she/he loves the dog shows love by chibbling on the human's skin or clothes.
od uživatele Maxiethedog 20. Červenec 2013
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v. to have the urge to nibble on chips or crackers.
Fuck man, just eat you're damn food, stop chibbling on those chips.
od uživatele rodeo 14. Září 2005
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to chow down on a lady's netherlands
jack was chibbling away at jane all night long.
od uživatele vin and steve 06. Září 2007
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