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For a time it was the biggest cheating/exploiting/botting community on the Web. The databases were accidentally wiped in 2012 and the site is being re-built. Beware of trolls if you're a n00b. If you stick around long enough, you'll get free samples, make some money, and probably become an elitist.
Seth: How'd you get a bot that sent you 2,000 free samples?
Me: Found it for free on CN
Seth: What's CN?
Me: Its Cheating Network, www.CheatingNetwork.net
od uživatele Chewy'sAPizza 08. Červenec 2013
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Cheating Network is a lame ass site full of nerds and crap ass coders.

They are full of viruses, lies and stuff.

It's also a copy of the Tubby Network
kid- Do you go to Cheating Network (cheatingnetwork.net?) ???
kid #2- HELL NO! I go to tubbynetwork.au.tt where the REAL bots are.
kid- k..
od uživatele CNSucksyeah 29. Říjen 2010
25 82
the site people go to before they learn about cheatingsupreme.com
Screw Cheating Network, Cheating Supreme has better bots.
od uživatele famousmassacre1 16. Červen 2009
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