Used by the Jersey shore cast 'The Situation'
Pauly D: You see those two blondes?

Mike: Yeah, they told me they're from Canadia
od uživatele erina123 25. Říjen 2010
Canadium (chemical symbol "Eh") is the lost 119th element on the Periodic Table of Elements. Canadium is similar in composition to gold, however it is not as pretty. Canadium is a shade of fluorescent beige, which helps contribute to the boringness of Canada. Canadium is also radioactive by nature, which is the leading cause of birth defects in Canada. This sacred element is said to make up as much as 34.2% of the land mass of Canada (with key areas in Manitoba and Nova Scotia). Once mined and processed, Canadium is said to be worth well over $12,341.98 an ounce, which seems to explain why Canada is very well off yet does nothing important. Canadium mining accounts for 12% of employment in Canada, and whole towns have sprung up around Canadium mines (see Ontario and Ottawa). According to News Week, there have been talks in the US Army of invading Canada to mine it's valuable Canadium resources, but such a plan has yet to be finalized. It has been said that Canadium also possesses the ability to produce poutine on command, make a health care genie appear, and in high enough quantities, can even cause the IQ of foreigners to drop down to a level that is on par with the average Canadian.
Karen: "Hey Bill, I found a lump of Canadium in the garden today!"

Bill: "Eh? Wow Karen, this specimen looks to be worth well over 130,000 Canadian Dollars! We can finally buy that new pack of chewing gum we have been so keen on purchasing!"
od uživatele lolcause 25. Červenec 2010
A term used to refer to Canadian's country of origin. Many Canadians think Americans are being ingnorant in pronouncing their country's name wrong, but they are mistaken. Canadians are the ignorant ones for not being able to find a consistent name for their country and citizens. They can't make up their damned minds. It's either Canada and Canadans or Canadia and Canadians.
Canadians are inconsistent and biased to American ways solely because they see Americans only for being Republican rednecks and our redneck president, and while this may be true it is hypocritical because Canadians epitomize redneckness by drinking shitty beer, obsessing over hockey, having mullets, hunting deer and being Canadian.
od uživatele Jack HagMah 20. Srpen 2006
A word that describes our fine country of CANADA, located in North America. Only Canadians may use this slang term.
I am from the true north strong and free; CANADIA !
od uživatele aris 30. Listopad 2004
A country to which plays host and gives legal responsibilities to such creatures known as mounties.
Shit! I just got busted with my crack by the mounties of Canadia!
od uživatele George W. Fucker 08. Listopad 2003
1. A land that lies somewhere between the Atlantic Ocean and Nowhere. Home to humans, Aliens and Taco Bell Cats.
1. Have you ever been to Canadia?
od uživatele negg 23. Srpen 2003
What you say when talking about Canada when you have been smelling cleaning supplies all day long with your friend.
Your friend: When you went to Canadia did you check the "yes" box when it asked if you were going to visit a farm?

You: No...

Your friend: When I got to Canadia I checked the box for "no, I am not going to visit a farm", and when I left, I checked the box that said "yes, I did visit a farm".
od uživatele Casey Wood 14. Říjen 2006

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